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Oxygen Detox Workout

An Oxygen Detox Workout involves doing 15 minutes of cardio exercise while breathing oxygen. When exercising while breathing oxygen, you will notice the exercise takes less effort and you can push yourself harder without tiring.

Why Oxygen?

For anyone who has ever tried an oxygen bar or hyperbaric oxygen therapy, they can tell you some of the many benefits of oxygen. These include increased energy, clearer thinking and a more restful night of sleep. Oxygen boosts energy production and metabolism while oxidizing toxins and waste in your body.

Why Cardio?

When oxygen is paired with exercise, the workout drives oxygen deeper into your body to accelerate these benefits in a shorter period of time. The heart is pumping faster during exercise, allowing your body to extract the maximum benefit from the oxygen.

Fatigue Should Not Control Your Life!

We know how hard life can be when you don’t have the energy to live up to expectations. It doesn’t just affect you, it affects everyone around you. We believe that when you have energy, you feel in-control, clear-headed, and ready to take on your day.

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“An Oxygen Detox Workout is a beneficial tool I use for my patients to increase their energy and wellness.””

-Dr. Rector

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