How Can An Oxygen Detox Workout Help You?

Low Energy

An Oxygen Detox Workout floods your body with oxygen, which causes your cells to produce more energy.

Increase Fat Burning

An Oxygen Detox Workout increases metabolism and fat burning for energy production. Increased fat metabolism can help shed unwanted fat.

Improve Sleep

Higher oxygen concentrations encourage deep and restorative sleep. In this deep sleep, the brain detoxes and the body repairs.

Joint and Muscle Pain

Low oxygen in your joints and muscles can cause inflammation and arthritis. An Oxygen Detox Workout floods your joints with more oxygen.


An Oxygen Detox Workout fills your brain with oxygen which helps produce more serotonin - the feel good hormone - which reduces stress and anxiety.

Brain Fog

Low oxygen in the brain can cause inflammation and brain fog. When you flood your brain with oxygen, you regain mental clarity.

How It Works

During exercise, your heart pumps faster to bring more oxygen to your muscles. When you do an Oxygen Detox Workout, you flood your body with oxygen increasing your metabolism and producing more energy. The extra energy allows your body to remove toxins and metabolic waste more efficiently helping you feel great. People are often amazed at how easy the workout is, how much more energy they have afterwards, and how great they feel. This is the power of the Oxygen Detox Workout. But, don’t take our word for it, book a session today and experience the power of an Oxygen Detox Workout.